The Winds of Time
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On Childhood

  • On Teenage Emotion
  • The Search
  • The Discovery
  • Inner Peace

On 'Poems For Parents'
Three Questions Answered (for now!)

  • “Mama, where did I come from?”
  • “Mama, tell me, who is Allah?”
  • “Mama, tell me, where is Allah?”

On ‘Lyrics’

  • Choosing Direction
  • Best Praise Unto Thee
  • Everything Glorifies The Lord
  • Think of Heaven
The Winds of Time

I wrote my first poem at the early age of nine, and have continued to write ever since. My diary of hand-written verse remained an intimate journal of poetic reflection until I began typing a few to share among friends. Although throughout the years I did see a few of my writings appear in newspapers and magazines, I wouldn’t have thought of publishing the entire collection had it not been for these friends’ encouragement. Such a venture meant retrieving old letters and cards from family members; childhood and teen poems presented to parents or siblings on birthdays; adolescent and mature love poems, and last but not least, the written expressions of anger, fear and despair in response to human suffering. Many decades of writing had created an anthology noteworthy, not just as a chronicle of the events affecting the Arab or Muslim individual, but also and more importantly, a chronicle of the emotional response to these events.

And so The Winds of Time comes to life, taking its readers on a chronological journey through life, where they experience innocent childhood, teenage temperament, and serene maturity. Its themes are related to feelings of love, anger, frustration, despair and hope, and a yearning for the ideal, for Man’s ultimate goal in life. The Winds Of Time also has a section of ‘Poems for Parents’ and ‘Inspirational Lyrics.’

I sincerely hope that this collection will bring out in its readers the feelings it brought out in me, and with that, the determination to free our world of aggression, and our hearts of servitude to the base, forever seeking that which is higher, more noble, and more worthy of Humanity.

Randa Hamwi Duwaji
Jan. 15th 1991

On Childhood

I was blessed with a wonderful childhood, an exotic tapestry of memory that continues to enrich me with the vibrancy of its peoples, languages, and landscapes. Beginning with a few incidents as a toddler in England, traversing the scents and sounds of India, lingering in Germany where my most cherished recollections remain. It was there that my third- grade teacher, who had encouraged my writing talent, officially named me ‘Class Poet’. After that, Damascus – where all school subjects were in Arabic- was the most difficult adjustment. Whether having to part from friends every few years was taking its toll on me, or whether I had just begun my quest for the meaning of life; notwithstanding, it seems that questions of Life and Death were on my mind even as a child.

On Teenage Emotion

I call this section ‘Teenage Emotion’ because it is just that. The emotions felt by a teenaged girl are so vivid, yet so indefinable. At times her vulnerability is such that anything draws her to tears and each problem seems like the end of the world. Everything is magnified, as are her reactions. She is romantic by nature, yearning for the ideal, and trying to find a reason for all the flaws she sees around her. She defies what she can defy, yet accepts with resignation what she feels powerless to change. In Spain, a safe-haven after the two wars I’d experienced in Syria, I began writing about Palestinian suffering, aggravated to this day by Israel’s unrelenting illegal expansion. Outrage and determination merge with the delicate volatility of Happiness, and the transient nature of Life itself.

'The Search'

The early twenties. Mature enough to question and wonder, yet not mature enough to find the answers. Still a romantic at heart, but now, after some time and experience, a wary romantic. Then all wariness disappears upon finding -and committing to- true love. But the search for answers, emanating from within myself, gains an urgency related to the nature of life and its changes. And with that dedicated drive, comes Hope.

'The Discovery'

By the late twenties and early thirties, I feel that I have found my answers. The poems in this section describe an amalgamation of feelings; thankfulness for having found Faith, a sense of responsibility in helping awaken Humanity’s shared conscience, and an appreciation of Life and Death, with lessons learnt from earth's smallest creatures. And then again, feelings and thoughts resulting from blows dealt to the Arab or Muslim communities, blows aggravated in part by the indolent inaction of authoritarian governments.

‘Inner Peace'

As I advance into maturity, and after a lot of turbulence caused -in part- by prejudices within the Islamic family itself, I find inner Peace. From this vantage point I feel I can reach out and call effectively for unity, a unity that heals and mends, rather than defames, divides or destroys. Some of my words may sound harsh, but -when used- I seek thereby to awaken rather than to wound. I do not purport to understand the basic machinations of politics, nor do I presume to help affect any changes, but seeing that I have lived through this period, felt the effects of its major events, and recorded my feelings, I can say that my poetry chronicles the ruminations of the Arab/Muslim woman of today.

On 'Poems For Parents'

This is an attempt to make a difficult job easier for Muslim parents who find themselves unable to answer a child's questions to their full satisfaction. 'Who' or 'Where' God is, could be a question that leads to incorrect and inappropriate answers.

'In Depth'

We can say that He is with us when we converse with each other (Qur’an: 58:7), He is closer to us than our own jugular vein (Qur’an: 50:16), but we cannot say He is in a place, since that would imply the place ‘holding’ Him within it. Especially when teaching children, we should speak of God according to what He tells us of Himself in the original Arabic Qur’an, rather than the more widespread, albeit unbefitting, explanations or translations that usually lead to incorrect concepts. A good example is in the general understanding of the word ‘yad’ which commonly means hand. We might feel accurate in saying, ‘God’s,’ or ‘Allah’s hand’ in English, since He has said ‘yad-ul-Lah’ in the original Arabic Qur’an. But ‘yad’ in the 3-letter origin of the Arabic word ‘a-i-d’ denotes power/empowerment/assistance; functional concepts for this limb, incorporated into its name (similar to how, in English, words that denote strength such as ‘arming’ and ‘armor’ relate to ‘arm’). Maybe even more illustrative is the English word ‘aid’ in its denoting the functional attribute of ‘hand,’ as in in aiding, assisting, or lending a hand! Therefore, if we were to say of God, ‘yad-ul-Lah’ in Arabic, the words would be accurate as they appear in the Qur’an. However, if we understood ‘yad’ to be a mere limb, a literal ‘hand’ of God, we would be wrong, having restricted the word to the most limited of our own interpretations, projecting what we know of ourselves onto God. Saying that it is about the ‘power’ or ‘assistance’ of God would be more accurate, and therefore a more appropriate explanation.

Adults who grapple with their own conflicting concepts of Who or What God Is, often realize that much of what pertains to God has been humanized, and can be traced back to their parents’ or teachers’ descriptions, which they imbibed at an early age. Certain unbefitting descriptions have also been found in unauthentic ‘Hadith,’ presumed to have been reported by the Prophet Muhammad, peace upon him. Although we know that authentic reporting by God’s Messenger would never contradict God’s Message, may of us were conditioned to accept certain reports, or their ‘endearing’ erroneous interpretations, as fact.

Three Questions Answered (for now!)

“Mama, where did I come from?”

“Mama, where did I come from?”
A question I've waited to hear
I look at the face of my puzzled son
And draw you gently near

And as I put you on my lap
To my chest I hold your head
“Do you hear the beat of my heart?
God made in me your first bed

Right by my heart -for nine long months
You swam in your pool
Sucked on your thumb
Moving up and moving down
And sometimes turning all around!
And then when you were fully-grown
Able to breathe, all on your own
It was time for you to come out -
And my, were you able to shout!”

“What about Daddy, is he also your son?”

“No, child. He came
From his own Dad and Mom
Grandpa and Grandma

All living beings in nature
God created in pairs
To complete each other
And by coming together
A couple can become
Father and mother

You need a pair of legs to walk
You need a pair of lips to talk
You need a pair of eyes to cry
You need a pair of wings to fly

It takes two birds to build a nest
One hand can't clap, two clap the best!”

“Let me show you how!”

And as I watched attentively
Little fingers walking and talking to me
Hands clapping, arms flying
I was glad to see
You had your answer -for now.


“Mama, tell me, who is Allah?”

“Mama, tell me, who is Allah?”
Lord, what do I say?
How can I answer,
Darling child
How can you understand?

I take your trusting hand

“Come to the mirror
See this sweet face?
Two eyes, a mouth
And cute little nose
Each in its rightful place

It is God who made you
As best as can be
Giving you Life
Not like Teddy
Who has ears that don't hear
And eyes that don't see

Teddy is not alive
He can never grow up
Put him to stand,
And down he will flop!

Come outside
See the birds in the sky,
How they spread their wings
It is God who taught them how to fly
When to go -before the snow
And melodies to sing!

Taste this honey, pure and sweet
We find it in honeycombs
Hundreds of flowers were visited
So each drop could be formed
Guess who taught the bees?

Remember the stars so bright
Against a dark blue sky,
Shining in the night
Beautiful to your eye?
God placed them there for us
And when the night is gone
He brings the light of sun.

He made the night and day
For you to sleep and play!

But unlike other creatures
God gave us the Mind
And sent us directions
Telling us to choose
Good from bad,
Clean from dirty
Happy from sad…

I thank Him every day, little one
For creating this wonderful world
And for you, my beautiful, darling girl!”

Subhan-Allah wal-hamdulil-Lah
My heart sings on and on
As you flutter past with butterflies
And hum with birds in song


“Mama, tell me, where is Allah?

“Mama, tell me, where is Allah?
Why can't I see Him here,
Though He sees everything I do,
Though He is very near?”

Presented with such questions
I had to make answers clear
Though young in age, children these days
Have a mind beyond their years

Hugging my child to my heart
I said, “Come closer to me.”
“I can't, Mama,” he said,
“I am as close as I can be!”

“Am I smiling,” I softly asked
“Or do I have a frown?”
“Don't know. Can't see your face,”
He said, “You'll have to turn around.”

“Sweetheart, isn't it strange,” said I
“You're as close to me as can be,
But can't see my face -till it's in front of you?”
“Our eyes are like that,” said he

I laughed, “That's right!
God gave us in life
Eyes suited just for that,
And animals that hunt by night –
Take for example, cats -
Can see quite clear, as much as they need
To survive, and no more than that.
He hasn't given us eyes to see Him by,” said I
“Even the mountain when His Glory was shown
Was shattered and lay in stones
Then Moses begged forgiveness
For though he was tougher than most -
To see Allah his eyes were not enough.”

“Then I shall never see Him?!”
In desperation cried out my son
“You shall meet Him, and then perhaps
If you’ve earned the reward, later on
You might be of the few
People of Shining Face
Who toward their Lord do gaze

Allah is with us dear,
He is In a secret talk among three -
The fourth present -whether fewer or more
Wherever they may be
In the end He will ask them of
What was said and done
Whether they spoke kindly
Or were making fun
And the good Muslim
Who guarded his tongue
Shall be rewarded generously!

He watches over you while you sleep
Protects you while awake...
Knows the feelings you hide inside
And every breath you take
So if you quickly apologize
He forgives your little mistakes

He is our Lord, no God but He
The Great, the only Deity

To what I have already said
I cannot add a single word
No other answers do I have
Than what you have just heard.”

“I love Him!” he cried
Then, “You too!” he said,
Thoughtful eyes filling with joy

Jumping up, he threw me a kiss
My young man, once again,
A little boy.


On ‘Lyrics’

Children love to sing. What could be more beautiful than children’s voices raised in praise and remembrance? Our loved ones truly put life into perspective, showing us every day what is really important. Here are a few lyrics to lift family spirits.

Choosing Direction

I have chosen direction
I rise with the rising sun
I turn with the earth's motion
I bow when the day is done

I choose the Almighty
My Creator to adore
Submitting in devotion
My entire body and soul

Knowing the path I travel
I am surefooted on life's twisting road
You light my way for me, Allah
You help me carry my load

You are the Light of Heavens and Earth In Your radiance I am never alone
Among thorns I venture, or roses
Your beacon shall guide me home

Home is where the heart is
In Your Message my heart finds peace
Subhanak-Allahuma, guide me
Arshidni, its wealth to perceive

In Your Light my mind shall seek Learning
Through long nights its candle shall burn
A’i-nni, I am Your devout servant
Allimni, I am eager to learn

Since the day I sought guidance
I’ve had purpose, a reason to strive
Alhamdu-lak, I am grateful
For being Muslim, for being alive!

No matter how much I thank You
Or how little, throughout the years
You bless me with your favors
You help dispel my fears

Alhamdu-laka, ya Rabbi
I whisper through my tears...

Alhamdu-lak for companions
With whom my worries I share
Together on life’s journey
We keep each other aware

May we never take Faith for granted
May we in Knowledge grow strong
May Love be ever-spreading
And Perseverance lifelong

We have chosen Submission
To Allah, like Whom there is none
Striving to Him is our direction
Resonating at every Athan:

Allahu Akbar! We declare before sunrise
Allahu Akbar! When the day is done
Allahu Akbar! Dear Lord, we thank You
For guiding us to Islam!


Best Praise Unto Thee

Ya Allah, best praise unto Thee
Thou art The Light of the Heavens
Thou art The Light of the Earth
And all that exists in between

Ya Allah, best praise unto Thee
O Sustainer of the Heavens
O Sustainer of the Earth
And all that exists in between

Praise be to Thee
Thou art The Truth
True is Thy Word and Thy Promise
True is our Meeting with Thee
Heaven and Hell both are True

O Allah, Thou hast said that Thy
Mercy encompasses all:
“Rahmati wasi'at kulla shai-in
Allah, have mercy on me...

Forgive me what I committed
In ignorance and unawareness
Making amends I’ll gain new friends
Lord, conceal and grant Forgiveness

Ya Allah, best praise unto Thee
Thy Praise is called eternally:
La Ilaha Illal-Lah
Muhammadun Rasoolul-Lahi!M.

La Ilaha Illal-Lah
Muhammadun Rasoolul-Lahi!


Everything Glorifies The Lord

The sun, the moon, and night and morning
And all rivers and seas and creatures
Tussabihul Mawla

Allahu, Allahu
Allahu is their Lord Creator
Allahu Sustainer

O Self, how could you forget
Your holy message on this earth?
He who created you gave you
Senses and knowledge so you'd search

Allahu, Allahu, we seek our happiness
And His direction as we serve
Allahu, Allahu,
Allahu is our Lord Creator
Allahu Sustainer

O Self, how's it that you think:
Material life is everything?
Spirits need tender nourishment
Preparing well for when time comes

To take all into account
And stand repaid for what we’ve done
For all that we have done

The sun, the moon, and night and morning
And all rivers and seas and creatures
Tussabihul Mawla

Allahu, Allahu,
Allahu is their Lord Creator
Allahu Sustainer

O Self, living in Islam
Lead us to Daris-Salam
The more we learn the more we grow
With wiser choices, lighter loads

Asserted, in the Qur’an
‘The best of provision is Taqwa.
Attaqwa khayruzzad!

The sun, the moon, and night and morning
And all rivers and seas and creatures
Tussabihul Mawla

Allahu, Allahu,
Allahu is our Lord Creator
Allahu Sustainer

Allahu, Allahu,
Allahu is our Lord Creator
Allahu Sustainer


Think of Heaven

When you're wrapped in sorrow, yet cannot cry
When you wish you could, but dare not try
When you feel that you would rather die...
Think of Heaven

When you have no strength to push along
When all around you has gone wrong
When there's nothing to pin your hopes on
Think of Heaven

Think of that Eternal Peace
God’s bounty beyond all degrees
Labors rewarded, hearts at ease
Such is Heaven

Where journeys end, where friend meets friend
Where there's more bliss beyond each bend
Where faces shine as smiles entwine

That is Heaven!!


Although the following poem was not published in ‘The Winds of Time,’ this section seems the perfect place for it!

Peek-a- Boo, Baby!

One darling dimple
Upon the right cheek
Subhan-Allah, Baby,

Gracing drooly lips
Hiding four tiny teeth
Masha-Allah, Baby,

From suckling to sipping
To munching to nipping
Open your mouth, Baby:
Bismil-Lah ...
When tummy feels yummy:
Alhamdu lil-Lah!

Legs wobbly at first
Flopping in crooked line
What wonder, you're clever:
Plopping on your behind!
Allahu Hafithuka,

Wee fingers, quicksilver,
Grabbing all within reach
Before I can say "No!"
Before I can teach
Always a step ahead
Or a second too soon
And as I throw
Destroyed treasures away:
Inna lil-Lahi

Baby, at one
You are bigger and stronger
Far reaching arms
And legs that will wander
All over the house,
Around furniture, and under
Until there is no more space left to conquer!
Hadakal-Lah, Baby,

And as you venture
Into adventure
Playing hide and seek
Saying, "Boo," while you peek
I do take great pride:
You are such a sneak
And no place is safe for me to hide!
La Hawla wa la Quwwata
Illa Bil-Lah!

May God bless you, Baby
In all that you do
Protect you, and guide you
Your whole life through

In Him is my trust
To Him I appeal
Ni'mal Mawla, wa
Ni'mal Wakeel!
Meine Äffin

Als ich war in Indien
Ich war sehr klein
Und hatte eine Äffin
Die Äffin war meine

Sie hiess Lucy
Und war sehr klein und süss
Und immer mit den Händen
Nahm sie eine Nuss

Die Zeit ist jetzt vorbei
Als Lucy war klein und braun
Die Zeit ist jetzt vorbei
Als sie gesessen auf dem Baum

Die Zeit ist jetzt vorbei
Als wir waren klein
Die Zeit ist jetzt vorbei
Als Lucy war mein...
I don't know how to say goodbye
To the earth and the sky
To the trees and the flowers
And the lonely, lonely hours
Which were spent here on earth
Up till now, from my birth
And so I say ‘ Farewell’…
I strolled into the woods
All was fresh and new
The leaves and flowers glistened
Sprayed with morning dew

The trees were young and green
The grass shone in the sun
The children jumped and laughed
Enjoying all the fun

They were young and merry
Happy and carefree
And Oh how much a child –
I wished again to be!
One by one they trickled down
Waited a minute and fell
Like a chain of shining pearls
But nobody could tell
What was the reason for these tears?
Why were they there?
Why did these eyes flow, and never stop
But nobody did care...
O people of all nations
From Washington to Hong Kong
Can’t you see the difference
Between Right and Wrong?

They shall resist, they shall fight
Till they see day conquer night
Till the sun again shines bright
For they know they are right

So joyful, so merry they were
But even happiness ends
For there was no trace of it
When I went there again...

When I went into the woods
All was burnt and scorched
There were no leaves, no flowers
Where I before had walked

All I saw was misery
An ocean with no shore
A black and sorry sight
Brought on by the war…

I heard the children sigh...
It was the wind that blew
But where the children were
No one ever knew

Except I, who suddenly
Saw them that sad day...
No life, no happiness was
In their bodies as they lay

Dead. Oh who had the heart
To kill people? To take
Their land away?
Their families to break?!

Palestine's children
Palestine's land
Taken from Palestine...

I have no more tears to shed
O home of mine...
“Tierra mía, tierra...
¿Porqué estas llorando?
Las lagrimas nunca limpian
La sangre que esta saliendo...

La sangre que sale y sale
De tu gran corazón
¿Porqué te matan 1os hombres?
¿Cuál es la razón?
Porqué muere tus hijos?
¿Porqué no hay justicia?
¿Porqué estas llorando?
Dime tierra mía”...

“Si te diré, hijo mío,
Llorares como yo
Por la sangre que nunca termina
Por la gente que murió
Y morirá, coma la justicia
Que había muerto cuando llegaron...
Cuando mataban a tus hermanos
Cuando tu tierra te robaron...

Me preguntaste hijo mío,
Que cuál es la razόn
No hay una, par lo parecido
A los animales que son...

Mataron a tu madre
A tu padre también...
Te han hecho un refugiado
Lo mismo han hecho a miles
Otros que eran felices

Que tenían un hogar
Que nunca vieron la sangre
¡Ni sabían lo que es matar!”

“Ahora sí, tierra nuestra
Sabemos lo que es matar
Vimos los ríos de sangre
Que nunca van acabar

No tenemos madre ni padre
Pero tú eres los dos
¡Y por ti, tierra nuestra
Por ti, lucharemos!
O Palestina, tierra nuestra
Aunque nos moriremos
Te daremos nuestra sangre
Que en el río echaremos...
En el río que esta lleno
De sangre por tu libertad...
¿O triste tierra querida,
Madre, has vuelto a llorar?”
The sun is rising, people are waking
Happy to meet a new day
While the people of Palestine
With their hearts aching
Carry the coffins away
Bewildered thoughts and imaginations rise
In a broken flow from a disturbed mind
In the heart confused emotion lies
While each chain of thought with each
No link can find

Surges of feeling ebb like the morning tide
But in the evening the waves do not subside
Higher and stronger they beat
Till the very core
Of my existence
And I can take it no more
No ‘happy ever after’ in life can there be
When each of us is as a grain of sand
In the vastness of Creation.
We meet and we part
Blown by the winds of circumstance
No road too narrow
No mountain too steep
No problem too hard to work out

When we are together
There is nothing called ‘Never’
That’s what our love is about
What purpose for life can ever be found
For when death raises a commanding hand
We in its chains are fettered and bound
Commanded to lie when we wish we could stand!
Death starts to dig our graves in the earth
Even as we lie in our cradles at birth…
But I shall never let Death control my heart
Though my body in its chains does lie!
It shall never grasp hold of this heavenly part
My soul is as free as the birds in the sky

My mind shall question, my soul shall search
For the missing links in the chain
And when bewildered no more I am
Perchance I’ll forget the pain
Replacing lost years
With feelings that lie
Far too deep for tears
I can’t count Your blessings
Though I can begin
With those closest to mind
And as I go on, remembering
To my new wonder I find

I am as far a way as when I began
But this I know beyond doubt
The greatest of blessings is the burning faith
Within me, glowing without
Featureless faces
In faraway places
They can’t touch us
Their plight is not ours
Their fight is not ours

But were we to stop for a moment
And think
Of their torment:
Their plight is not ours
But could be
Their fight is not ours
But should be!

If not for God’s Grace
Mine could be those eyes
Yours could be that face
In the paper…
For even as was to you your breath
The companion of the heart
To your existence such was death
Of which your life was part
Just as when winter approaches
Through the land
Unknown to Man
The scurrying of little creatures
Under the ground
Who in seasons of plenty
Back and forth ran
Gathering provision
For when they’ re earth-bound

Little creatures make great teachers
For those who understand
I see a nation with no future
And a future without a nation
I see cauterized limbs, fused
In a ghastly malformation

I see gigantic tongues lolling
In featureless faces
Defending themselves incessantly
Fighting off disgrace

Lapping up the lies they spit
Sending themselves into fits
Of impotent rage
Like ape-forms in a cage

But I also see, in my mind’s eye
A Nation’s refusal to die
If that is to be
Erase the definition
Let history
Be completely undone
Let despotism
Give way to self-expression
Join together! Stand as one
Or worse is yet to come!
Yes, worse is yet to come.
But there are others,
Muslims who are true
Who attack not their brethren
As I’ve seen you do
Who never treat enemies
With injustice or oppression
Who never sever or mutilate
Or silence opposition
Whose judgments aren’t clouded by Hate
They bear Islam’s trait
Muslims, O Mu’mins:
My words of complaint
Are not to chastise or to blame
Words torn from a heart
Bloodied and stained
Drowning in its pain

Come back, O Mu’mins
Let us join hands
Shoulders touching, we will stand tall
Our differences are common to Man
Multicolored bricks make beautiful walls
Let us build a stronghold for Islam
Not separate dream-castles of sand

But what is that in your hand?
Please, do not raise that hammer!
Help make, not break, those walls!
But you are not listening at all…
O Muslims by name
Who Islam have denied
You are at fault
Helplessly blind
Your tongues are tied
You’ve lost your pride
When imprisoned under key and bolt
The little faith you bound inside
The tiny spark you chose to hide
Captive and starved
Had silently died

No one could save it
For no one had tried
No tears could revive it
For no one had cried
As our talks with squibble and squabble are fraught
As to which is the right way to pray
We miss out on prayer’s most important part
We lose our presence of heart
And continue drifting apart
An ignorant shepherd tending his flock
Is a far better person than I
A scrub-burdened woman, plodding all day
Rushing to demanding cries
A youth living his own fantasy
A wife managing a houseful of screams
Are far better than I, simply because
All I do is pursue a lost dream
They’re not I, the ones
Whom governments ban
Branded as terrorizors
Of the civilized man
In the Qur’an God reveals His Mercy, His Compassion, His Magnificence, His Glory, His Uniqueness, His being unlike any of His creation.
There is no instance in the Qur’an where He likens Himself to us, or degrades himself to His creatures in any way.
Yet we find example of both in literature used by certain Muslim groups that sanction and often endorse unauthentic ‘prophetic reporting.’
Thus, according to such reports, God is seemingly ‘affected’ by human behavior and gets ‘annoyed,’ ‘jealous,’ ‘biased,’ ‘happy,’ and certain categories of humans (always their own) are worthy of ‘preferential treatment,’ to the extent of God being ‘servile’ to them (becoming the leg by which they walk and the hand by which they strike!).
This demeaning, humanizing concept of God has proven to be very dangerous to Muslims not only in our ‘Aqeeda,’ or faith in God as befits Him, but also in our often arrogant world-views and practices.
We would not have reached the state we are in today had we allowed the Qur’an to be the criterion, or measure, for truth and falsehood, providing us with accurate information we can live and grow surely and steadily by.
Glory to Thee, God
Direct me
Help me
Teach me
All praise to Thee
Oh my Lord
God is Greatest
Oh God
”My mercy encompasses all” (Qur’ an: 7:156)
There is no god but God (Arabic: Allah; Christian & Muslim Arabs both say ‘Allah,’ and often use identical terminology such as ‘ In the name of Allah’, ‘ If Allah wills,’ ‘ May Allah protect, have mercy on…etc…).
Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
Glorifies the Lord
God: Allah. In Arabic, variations in a word’s linguistic structure reflect syntax, so a noun ending in ‘u’- would be related to that word being subject, whereas an ‘a’ ending would be for an object, etc..
Home of Peace, i.e. Eden.
Heedfulness/awareness is the best of Life’s provisions.
Glory to God.
As God willed; used in praise to show appreciation (Qur’an: 18:39).
In the name of God.
Thankfulness (tribute; homage; praise) to God.
God is your Protector; Guardian (May God protect you).
Unto God we shall return. Said lightheartedly here, this term is used when misfortune befalls (Qur’an: 2:156).
May God guide you.
No ability or power (do we possess) except through God.
Said jokingly here, this term is used when in distress.
God is best Supporter and Trustee.